About me

I'm a 19-year-old Finnish PC gamer (#pcmasterrace). I can sometimes be a bit evasive person depending on a lot of things. On the other hand I can also once in a while be a really talkative person too. I'm INTJ-A.

I have a wide variety of games I play. I love lore heavy and story driven games. For instance I love Nier: Automata, Life Is Strange, Dark Souls series and The Talos Principle. Also I need to mention that my favorite developer is Valve and I'm obsessed with Half-Life slash Portal universe. I also play Overwatch and PU's Battlegrounds a lot nowadays too.

Besides gaming I'm very interested in IT which includes web designing & development, sysadministration, coding, assembling computers, tweaking everything I do to near perfect state, following tech news and so much more.

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This site

uses HTML5, CSS (with Sass), PHP and JavaScript. It's hosted on Debian 8 (jessie) with NGINX as its heart. I'm also using HTTP Cats in my HTTP error messages.