About me

I'm a 20-year-old geek, gamer & オタク from Finland. I can sometimes be a bit evasive person. On the other hand I can also get really chatty if I'm in the mood or the subject is interesting.

I play a wide variety of games. I love lore heavy and story driven games but I do play competitive games too like osu! and Overwatch. My all time favorite game is NieR: Automata. More games loved by me on this list.

Besides gaming I'm very interested in IT which includes web development, sysadministration, coding and let's not forget about hardware either.

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This site

uses HTML5, CSS (with Sass), PHP7.2 and JavaScript. It's hosted on Debian 9 (stretch) with NGINX as its heart. I'm also using HTTP Cats in my HTTP error messages.